Church Projectors and Other Media Equipment


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This web site exists to help the church to make an informed decision for any projector or projection system purchase. It is not a fully exhaustive list of projectors and mainly those that I feel are best suited for the church. If you don’t see something listed here, just ask for it.

Information that I must have in order to help determine an optimal projection solution for you are :

  1. Throw distance between the projector and screen (or wall in some cases)
  2. Screen size (or screen size that you want to purchase)
  3. Desired aspect ratio (4:3, widescreen, pure HD, etc)
  4. Amount of ambient light coming through the windows (alot, some, very little, none)
  5. A budget range would be good so that less time is used up in researching


PH 866-420-1717 (might need to leave a message)

May the God of peace and grace be with all of you, in Jesus name.